Design: Viz-Diz

Apartment studio in the loft style

The designers of the Viz-Diz family workshop, Ilona and Andrei Orekhovsky, needed to transform the empty space of the apartment in an elite new building into a stylish room for parties. Initially, the apartment had two isolated rooms, one bathroom and a dressing room. By agreement with the customer, it was supposed to be a studio apartment in the loft style. Therefore, a redevelopment of the space was carried out. As a result, the wall between the rooms was demolished, and a guest bathroom appeared.

The customer, a young girl, proposed as an example of the future interior design options of space in her favorite bars and cafes. In order to convey the brutality of the loft style as accurately as possible, designers visited these institutions, choosing elements that can be implemented in the space of the apartment.

The main distinguishing feature of the loft is open brickwork. And in the new panel residential building, in which the apartment is located, of course, there was no brick. Therefore, for the design of the walls, a real antique brick of the 1800s was used. Before laying on the walls, the brick was cut with a tile. On the living room wall tile was cleaned and varnished. When laying in the bedroom, the bricks retained the ” touch of time” and also varnished.

Antique brick, the use of black slate paint to decorate the walls and the original lamp made it possible to exactly get into the loft style. And here’s what an interesting interior for a fun party was the result.

Loft style living room and kitchen

After redevelopment, the rooms and kitchens were combined into a common space. The bedroom was finished with a glass partition with folding door leafs. Such a partition easily opens, adding a bedroom space to the common living room space.

The living room has a large sofa, armchair and compact design tables made of metal bars. Upholstered furniture is made to order in @spbmebe and @masterskaya_kreslo workshops. Since a large number of guests were planned in the apartment, a minimum of furniture and decor was used. From the storage systems, there is only a wardrobe for outerwear in the hallway and a Shoe Cabinet mounted on the wall. To accommodate the clothes of a young housewife, a dressing room is equipped at the entrance to the apartment.

Pay attention to how interesting designers outplayed the uncomfortable ledge of the wall in the living room. The whole corner is surrounded by an interesting rack with a metal frame. One side is equipped with shelves for storing books. And on the other side there is a TV and small shelves for decoration.

The space is maked stylish by interesting paintings of modern painting in the living room and posters in the bedroom.

But the main highlight of the living room interior is the famous spider chandelier.Here the designers went to a little trick and ordered an analog of the famous santral lamp from the designer Filippo Mambretti in the workshop. At the cost of the original about 4000 dollars, a copy of the lamp cost 2.5 times cheaper. We also managed to save our budget by replacing natural shutters with wooden blinds.

The kitchen has a large semi-bar island. It is very convenient for receptions. The island is made of combined materials. Reinforced glass upper facades. The case is made of a metal profile. Facades and countertop are made of natural oak. Completes the look of the loft-style kitchen two pendant lamps with copper lampshades.

Brutal bedroom

The center of the bedroom and almost the only piece of furniture is a chic bed with a soft base.

At the request of the customer, there is no chandelier in the bedroom and a minimum of lamps is installed. Therefore, the designers made up for the lack of lighting with a track with guide spots.The searchlight lamp also looks interesting. You can control the entire lighting system with a single lamp located at the front door.

Given that the owner of the apartment is a young girl, the designers softened the brutal interior with elements of a more feminine style. So in the bedroom appeared a cute chest of drawers and several decorative elements.

Elegant bathroom

Although the entire studio apartment is designed in the loft style, the bathroom seems to fall out of the general interior. Here you can feel aristocratic aesthetics, patterns appear on the tiles and a delicate blue color in the niches. This is the bathroom the customer wanted.

But the authors of the project managed to merge this room with the backward space of the apartment. Curbstones, mirrors in a metal frame and wall trim boards fixed with self-tapping screws make it impossible to forget that this is part of the loft space.

The whole space turned out to be stylish, inviting to fun and communication. Old bricks, iron structures, micro-concrete, black walls and kitchen facades, wooden blocks – all this forms the loft-style interior . This loft-style apartment does not imitate, but conveys the spirit of freedom, emancipation and the absence of excess tinsel.