Desіgners: Sergey Makhno, Konstantin Kofta, Iva Sakhatska, Ihor Havrylenko, Ulyana Zachkevych, Julia Antonyuk, Valeria Antonyuk.
Product design engineer: Oleg Gavrysh.
PR team: Tetiana Vakula, Daria Sushko, Lina Kulyk​​​​​​​.
Digital photography: Ihor Havrylenko.
Materials: metal, ceramic
Colors: white + red, back + red
Features: intended for physical and spiritual food. Removable ceramic cups are to be filled with drinks, fruits, soups, and long conversations. They can be placed in various orders, creating at least 18 unique surface images

A workshop of Ukrainian design and architecture Sergey Makhno Architects in collaboration with a couture design studio Kofta has created a collection of furniture and accessories OBITOVANA 5019. This project has become their eco-manifesto and contemplation about what our future can be like. Coral Reef is a part of a futuristic collaboration.

The collection consists of a table without a tabletop, a cold floor lamp and a warm one, a sofa-shell, a carpet-puzzle, and two flourishing bags-flowers. Every item is made in a single copy only. And every item has its own story. The names of the products are the names of butterflies that have gone extinct, rivers that have dried away, glaciers that have melted, islands that are drowning, and flowers that will never bloom again. In a new world, they will be alive again.

About Product

Warmer oceans, overfishing, pollution, and gradually acidifying waters have destroyed more than a third of the world’s shallow tropical coral reefs. More than 90 percent of the world’s near-surface coral habitat could be gone in the next 30 years. 

Table CORAL REEF repeats the form and the color of the actual oceanic coral reef. The white metal twigs hold scarlet ceramic plates that replace the tabletop. Because you don’t need more, just your plate and people around. CORAL REEF is a table to forget about the mobile phone, cosmetic case, or a purse.

It’s really simple to use the table. Plates can be easily removed and put back on the metal carcass.

About Ceramic

Every plate is handmade. There are four basic forms that shape the general silhouette of the table. The scheme of the plate is simple — at the bottom of a plate, there is a hollow with the eco-leather patch that serves as a buffer when putting a ceramic plate on a metal tube. 

The first edition consists of 3 different table types: CR M1, CR M2, CR M3. They have similar carcasses yet different amounts of the plates. Together or apart they are about to create new space compositions.